Refresh is a unique program designed to create a strong sense of community, restore local pride, and improve the living conditions of those living in homes provided by Toronto Community Housing. This program runs for one week in the month of July. Volunteers from across Toronto and beyond join forces with local residents to paint the interior of their homes, eat together, and provide a variety of volunteer services designed to develop a network of neighbourhood support. Approximately 250 homes were involved in 2012.

Refresh 2013

This summer Refresh is taking place from July 1-5. Volunteers will be painting in the Jane-Finch community, Mississauga, and Brampton. We’re looking forward to another great week of serving the GTA! If you would like to become a volunteer for Refresh 2013 you can do so here.


Through the Refresh corporate partners, all paint and painting supplies are provided free or at significant discounts. Donations to this program provide funds to purchase discounted supplies, to print registration material for participating residents and volunteers, t-shirts for all volunteers, and management/administrative support.

2009-2010 Fund Raising Goal: $20,000
2010-2011 Fund Raising Goal: $40,000

Corporate Giving
Ephraim’s Place offers many ways for businesses and organizations to achieve philanthropic and marketing goals.  Along with that it associates your organization with quality programming that demonstrates your commitment to make a difference in our community.

Financial Support
Partner with Ephraim’s Place by giving a monetary gift that will help us deliver effective programs and services to those in our community.

Event Sponsorship
Designated financial gifts to one of our events are always appreciated.  Ephraim’s Place sponsorship not only increases your visibility within the community, it also offers opportunities to connect with other philanthropists and community leaders.  We are pleased to offer a number of sponsor benefits.  Additional opportunities for visibility may be available.

Gifts In-Kind
Gifts In-kind are a company’s first-quality, excess inventory or services donated to assist those in need.  We welcome this type of giving from businesses and organizations.

For more information about becoming an Ephraim’s Place sponsor, please contact Executive Director Bill Sunberg or call us at 416-888-7879.


Program Partners


Included below are all the graphics and promotional materials that Ephraim’s Place has created for this event. We’re excited to be able to share this content, as we know that the potential to make a difference in our city is multiplied with each group that participates.


Refresh 2013 Logo
Refresh 2013 Logo
Refresh 2013 Banner
Refresh 2013 Banner
Volunteer Registration Form
Tenant Registration Form