Why Talk When We Can Text?

Why Talk When We Can Text?
September 3, 2019 admin

In this new technological age where we are in contact with one another through a phone, a tablet or a computer screen, you would think we would be amazing communicators, but that is not the case. Although we are talking to each other more, we are not necessarily communicating better than we did before.

Communicating with others is a valuable life skill. Communicating effectively is very important when it comes to networking because we want people to understand our points of view, goals and ideas. When communication skills and networking come together, they can open a lot of doors. Yes, good grades are important, but communication skills and and networking can open doors that you may not of realized existed, such as the hidden job market. 

How you can be a better communicator:

  • Listen more than you speak
  • Listen to understand and not to be heard
  • Ask questions to make sure you understand what the speaker is saying
  • Only talk about accurate information 
  • Get to the point
  • Pay attention to body language and tone
  • Be aware of the potential for misunderstandings

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