Art Programs

Written Rhymes is a FREE 4-session writing workshop

that focuses on

  • Teaching the foundational concepts of artistic writing as a means to explore various forms of writing (rap, spokenword and etc.)
  • Exploring the subtle nuisances and similarities between rap and spokenword
  • Inspiring youth to share their pieces with their peers at the EPCC end of summer BBQ celebration.
  • DJ program

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DJ Program

DJ Program

DJ program

DJ Program 2017

2016 – NYA ran a drop-in dance program for youth at Ephraim’s Place

2016 – With the success of the drop-in dance program, NYA established a formalized dance program with the end goal of participating in STOMP Urban Dance Competition with the City of Toronto
2016 – Ephraim’s Place dance program participants had the opportunity to showcase their work at Cultural Hotspot and Lee Lifeson Arts Park opening
2017 – Ephraim’s Place dance program participants created an official dance Squad called “JNS Finest” for the 2017 STOMP Urban Dance Competition
2018 – With funds received from the OAC, NYA established a training and mentorship program for JNS Finest

DJ Program

Girls Dance Program

Girls Dance Program

2017 –  With funds received from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), NYA and Ephraim’s Place worked together to start a DJ program and ran two instalments
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