Who We Are

In late July, 2007, the life of Ephraim Brown was cut tragically short while attending his cousin’s birthday party. Caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting, Ephraim, an eleven year old boy, died on the sidewalk, only a few short steps from home. The next morning, over a hundred people from the community and across Toronto gathered on the streets in a silent prayer of solidarity and determination that such a tragedy should never happen again in their community.

In the months that followed, many from this group of people united together to establish Ephraim’s Place Community Centre. The name “Ephraim” comes from the ancient Hebrew word which means “to find blessing from adversity.” It is with this in mind that Ephraim’s Place Community Centre was started to provide programs and services that give children, youth and families the skills and tools they need to build a successful future and bring about positive personal and community transformation in the Jane-Finch and Jane-Sheppard neighbourhoods.