Jeremiah Wheatle

Jeremiah Wheatle

Jeremiah Wheatle joined the Ephraims Place family in June of 2016. He is currently the Sports/ Basketball Coordinator. Jeremiah was impair dot work at Ephraims Place because he wanted to give back to the priory neighbourhood (Jane and Finch) that he grew up in. He also realized the impact they could have by mentoring the youth in the community that Ephraim Place serves.

Prior to working at Ephraims Place obtained his BA from Ryerson University in sociology. Also, he worked at Ryerson University as a basketball camp staff and coordinator and he is currently working at 4Reasonz as the Convenor and Basketball Director for the Phoenix Inc Umbrella.

Jeremiah is very proud that him and Amiga won the Toronto Raptors Citizen Community MVP Award in 2017 for all the hard work that they do under their non-profit organization, 4Reasonz. 

Jeremiah loves to see the kids happy, safe, an engaged in productive and educational programs that will help prepare them for the future. The best part of his workday is teaching and mentoring the youth. He enjoys seeing that they are grateful for the preparation, advise, wisdom or lesson  the staff is teaching them. For all these reasons, his favourite program that Ephraims Place offers is the Phoenix Basketball league and the Summer Camp because the kids seem to really enjoy it and they are really engaged when they are participating in it.

   Jeremiah has mentored many of the youth and adults and has witnessed them grow. It makes me feel good, happy and delighted to see the kids we were once mentoring all grown-up and heading in the right direction. They are doing productive things for themselves and their families.

When Jeremiah is off the clock he is on the basketball court, I played basketball my whole life.

When at Ryerson University Jeremiah played on the varsity team also for 2 years. One of his first loves was basketball because when he was growing up and going through rough times because funds were low and opportunities seemed hard to fund; Basketball was the outlet that helped him find happiness despite all the unhappiness going on in his life at the time. Over time, he relied on basketball to keep him busy, happy and to stay out of trouble.

I love the kids and I love giving back and helping people.