Volunteer Blog Post: John Toufankjian

Volunteer Blog Post: John Toufankjian
September 2, 2019 admin

Ephraim’s Place Community Centre is where miracles take place. Born & Raised in Jane-Finch, I have seen gun violence, gang violence, and other criminal activities in my neighbourhood and surrounding.

Priority Neighbourhoods exist because society has failed to do its part. We grow up being blessed with certain opportunities and advantages that others are unfortunate of, and we neglect to give back.

What’s the point of living next door to someone in need and do nothing about it?

What’s life mean if your neighbours are dying and we do nothing to even TRY to help?

I got involved with Ephraim’s Place because I got tired of “doing nothing” and decided “to do something”
No one expects you to save the world, but you are expected to try. If you can save the life of one child or one youth, words couldn’t define the expression of that kind of love. Every child/youth deserves and needs to be loved, cared for and given hope to live and succeed in life. Their neighbourhood, their upbringing, their surroundings, their backgrounds, their lifestyle’s, their obstacles or challenges should never disqualify any child/youth of being loved, accepted and taken care of.

Ephraim’s Place Community Centre is a place that children and youth come to and get that sense of belonging, love and acceptance. The centre challenges our community with programs that build character, life lessons, provides education, teaches respect, offers hope, and changes lives.

Bill Sunberg (Executive Director) of Ephraim’s Place had a vision to see change in our neighbourhood. Several years later, that vision has not just come to life, but we see its effects every single day throughout our programs.

I do what I do at Ephraim’s Place because I love my community, I care for my community, and I am called to serve with Love.

When are we going to stop driving by police tape and wonder who’s been shot or who’s dead? And actually make an effort to get involved in the lives of these children and youth and do something to prevent it.

One voice is loud, but the voice of many is infectious.