Volunteer Blog Post: Adopt A Block

Volunteer Blog Post: Adopt A Block
September 2, 2019 admin

Heading off early Saturday mornings, into the Sheppard-Yatescastle blocks to know door to door to offer my time and assistance to those who may need a little help….whoh, wow!

My first door, my second door, and my third door. I started to feel as though I was being intrusive! Not my intentions or why I was even there and knocking.

It was very long until we came across a lady who needed help getting a full size fridge out of her basement to be thrown out. Okay, I’m no mover by no means, but knowing she needed the help and with a little help from a few other volunteers we did it. She now has that extra space in her basement. That was a great feeling for me to hear and see how grateful she was for us coming that morning.

Feeling intrusive quickly turned into feeling very helpful and needed. I look forward in offering my time now on Saturday mornings.

Adopt A Block volunteer