Project HEARTcore: Semester 1 – Wrapping Up

Project HEARTcore: Semester 1 – Wrapping Up
September 2, 2019 admin

It’s winding down to the end of the first semester of Project HEARTcore and it’s been one of the strongest group of participants in the program. The passion and heart of these students were shown time and time again.

One example of their passion to help others, came through an awareness campaigned called “To Write Love On Her Arms.” This campaign would require students to write the word “LOVE” on their arms in order to raise awareness for youth who have been affected with depression, suicide, and mental illnesses. It’s simple, but powerful in that it serves as a reminder to love each other despite our differences. This awareness campaign took place at the schools that the students attended, which were C.W. Jefferys, William Lyon Mackenzie, Westview Collegiate, James Cardinal McGuigan, and Weston Collegiate.

In the next couple weeks, the students are required to come up with their own final event. They’re to plan what organization and issue that they want to support or fundraise for. They’re excited and I’m excited to see what they come up with. Whatever the event may be, I am confident that these students will be successful and touch at least one other person in their school or community while doing it.

Thanks to all of you in HEARTcore! Every time 4 pm hits and the students start to trickle into the program, I’m reminded why I have so much hope for the leaders of this generation.

“Love ain’t dead.” –Joe Opotowski