Mayor’s Community Safety Award

Mayor’s Community Safety Award
September 3, 2019 admin

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Ephraim’s Place Community Center Receives Mayor’s Community Safety Award

Toronto, Ontario (Jul. 17, 2017) – Imagine being presented with an award that you never even applied for. That is exactly what miraculously happened to Ephraim’s Place this year. Ephraim’s Place was awarded with the Mayor’s Community Safety Award for 2017 out of a long list of 200 organizations who applied. The award is sponsored by Bell Canada, Toronto Police, and the Mayor’s office.

Ephraim’s Place is humbled to receive such an important award. The Ephraim’s Place mission is to work with the Jane-Finch and Jane-Sheppard communities to provide programs and services that give children, youth and families the skills and tools they need to build a successful future and bring about positive personal and community transformation.

One of their community partners nominated the organization for the award. One person stood out to them the most, Kevin Motiram. “He serves the youth of our community tirelessly and with genuine compassion,” said Pastor Bill Sunberg, Chair of Ephraim’s Place Community Centre. “What a great feeling to have been nominated for and to be the recipient of the Mayor’s Community Safety Award! This award reaffirms our pledge and total commitment to supporting residents of the Jane and Sheppard and Jane and Finch communities in making their neighbourhoods a safer place to live,” said Amiga Taylor, Interim Executive Director.

If you would like to support Ephraim’s Place, you can make a donation though the Canada Helps website ( Every act of kindness helps Ephraim’s Place to keep the community safe with their various community programs.


Amiga Taylor, Interim Executive Director 

Ephraim’s Place Community Centre

1875 Sheppard Avenue West

Downsview, Ontario, M3L 1Y6