Bullying is Not Cool

Bullying is Not Cool
September 3, 2019 admin

Bullying is common occurrence at school. Some people bully, some people get bullied and some have experienced both. If you have ever been bullied, it can feel like to the whole world hates you. It can really damage your self-esteem and your own sense of self-worth. If youve ever been bully, it can feel like your whole world is out of control and tired of feeling awful all the time. You wish you could be happy but you just dont know how.

Bullying sucks because both the bully and the person being bullied are hurting on the inside. If they were able to put down their social masks and see things form each others point of view, they might be bale to have compassion for one another. Then they would both be able to see that they have a lot more in common then they ever realized.

Sings that someone is being bullied:

  1. Avoids social situations
  2. Difficulty sleeping
  3. Unexplained bruises, bumps, cuts
  4. Declining interest in school work or extra curricular activities
  5. Feeling helpless and or depressed
  6. Constantly feeling sick or faking it
  7. Afraid to go to school

Sings that someone is a bully:

  1. Is aggressive towards others
  2. Constantly getting into physical or verbal fights
  3. Blames others for their problems
  4. Does not accept responsibility for their actions
  5. Is competitive and manipulative
  6. Has unexplained money and items
  7. Does not care about how their actions affect others

If you are being bullied get help!

Talk to a grown-up that you can trust such as a parent, a teacher or a counsellor. It will never get better if you dont do anything.

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