Best Game Ever at Upward Basketball!

Best Game Ever at Upward Basketball!
September 2, 2019 admin

What a night! We surprised the kids at their last Upward Basketball game of the season by bringing in over 100 fans to cheer them on to their Best Game Ever! We teamed up with Rosewood Kids hoping to make this an unforgettable experience. Right before the game started fans invaded the gym cheering and screaming, surprising everyone in attendance. Our goal was to make it feel like an actual NBA game. And that we did!

Not only did we have over 100 cheering fans, we had 2 mascots, a live video screen, a star presentation at the end of the game, but also an autograph session where the fans asked kids for their autographs. It will definitely be a night these kids never forget!

Here’s a short highlight video we put together to remember the night. It may look a little familiar.

Thank you

We want to thank everyone who was a part of the Best Game Ever for making it an unforgettable night — for us, and for the kids in our basketball league who will never forget the day over 100 crazy fans came to cheer them on. Thank you for coming, for supporting our work, and for being a “blessing from adversity”.